How to Hire The Best Window Cleaners

Best Window Cleaners in Fresno CA

In most cities window cleaning companies are a dime a dozen, but how do you choose the best company for you? There are a few things you may want to think about in order to help you choose the best professional window cleaning service for your needs. Whether you need a commercial or residential window cleaner, you must take care about who you hire.

They make a very specific contract. They have expectations of how you want your office area cleaned. If they are not in written form, the contractor will more than likely not meet them. Cleaning contractors will conduct a needs assessment of the cleaning tasks you want fulfilled by doing a complete interview with you.

They provide a way to contact them should something goes wrong. Mistakes happen and it is not unlikely that a service provider might overlook some task the night before. However, you should be able to contact the contractor representative and get the problem resolved quickly. The best window cleaners usually have roaming cleaning staff in order to handle these types of situations.

Professional cleaning contractors should post a performance bond. A performance bond is the contractor’s investment of amount it would have to forfeit should it default on contract fulfillment. By doing this, your business image is given added protection because the contractor is accountable for protecting its investment in the bond.

Fresno Window Cleaner

Fresno Window Cleaner

Look after your building after hours or even open it up. One of the advantages of having a trustworthy cleaning service provider is that there is less risk of the office being left unsecured. This is because there is an entirely different group of people who are in essence more accountable than your own employees. Some service providers can even open up in the morning saving your employees from having to do it.

The cleaning contractor should handle their employee training. It is a good idea that you ask the contractor representative what types of training are received by its employees. It should be a good mix of training in compliance, safety, and cleaning methods.

Some contracts are charged by the hour and others by the job. However, you should be careful before hiring a contractor by the hour unless you can be certain that they will use the time efficiently. That is difficult to do if you or your representative is not there when they are doing the work. It’s probably better to contract by the job because it makes it much easier for budgeting purposes.

They should adhere to the highest standards of window cleaning safety. Window cleaning is not only labor-intensive but dangerous too. In fact, even cleaning exterior windows at the second and third floor of a building can be dangerous if ladders are not used properly. Truly professional cleaning contractors will do a risk assessment of all potentially dangerous areas in and around your building where a window cleaner or bystanders could get hurt. They then take measures to protect against those hazards like making sure the right equipment is purchased (ladders, elevated platforms, and water-fed poles). After purchasing the equipment, they make sure the operators are fully trained in their safe usage.


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